PLAYA3ULL Games Airdrops Review

What exactly is the 3ULL coin? There is a gaming publisher known as PLAYA3ULL GAMES that blends cryptographic games with …

What exactly is the 3ULL coin?

There is a gaming publisher known as PLAYA3ULL GAMES that blends cryptographic games with PC-based games. Each and every one of our games makes use of the 3ULL coin, which is a coin that is generated by nodes.

What is it that sets 3ULL apart?

PLAYA3ULL GAMES is founded on the straightforward idea of utilizing the most recent advancements in PC game technology in order to provide gamers with high-quality video and play-to-earn games through the EPIC Games Store. The designers of our games are gamers who have a combined twenty years of experience working in the sector of game development.

NFTs, cryptocurrency, and PC-based games are all elements that are incorporated into PLAYA3ULL GAMES, which dramatically improves the whole gaming experience. The Playa3ULL Games ecosystem is comprised of multiple components, each of which is incorporated into each of our games. Each game will have its own DAO that will provide advice. The community supporting the DAO will provide feedback on each game. The foundation of each game will be its own unique environment. On each globe, there will be a portion of that planet dedicated to the Metaverse. If you enjoy the game world, you will have the opportunity to acquire property and construct homes, companies, and social spaces on that land.

Our very first game to be made available to the public is called Nexus, and it is scheduled to be made available on the Epic Games Store in September 2023. At the moment, we are working on four additional games. A metaverse, a battle royale, a battle card game, a survival game, and a farming game are all included in this product.

The gaming platform PLAYA3ULL was built in reverse. We develop the game for you after we have asked you what it is that you want. You will have the opportunity to participate in the significant choices and potentially have a role in the direction that the DAO takes.

In what ways did 3ULL come into existence?

The following individuals were involved in the incident: Jonathan Bouzanquet, Michael Hanlon, Jethro Bouzanquet, Samuel Bouzanquet, Amanda Bouzanquet, Daniel Visser, Samuel Thompson-Kennedy, and Jacinto Lugo.

Check out our website and whitepaper for additional information if you want to view more specifics.

How to Participate PLAYA3ULL Airdrops

PLAYA3ULL is scheduled to begin on February 19, 2024, and will continue until March 11, 2024.

20,000,000 3ULL is the total amount of the airdrop, and 10,000 people will be the winners.

What Can I Do to Take Part?

Visit the website

You should look for 3ULL and then go to the token page.

Include the $3ULL token in your watchlist on CoinMarketCap by visiting the following link:

Please leave a comment on the $3ULL token page that has a label that reads “Bullish” and describe in the comment what your favorite things are about Playa3ull Sports.

Only if you are a holder of $3ULL can you add it to your CoinMarketCap portfolio by visiting the following link:

Watch Playa3ull Games in the CoinMarketCap Community by clicking on the following link:

The pinned post on the Playa3ull Games Community Page can be liked, commented on, and shared by clicking on the following link:

Visit the Playa3ull Games token page on CMC, which can be found at Additionally, make sure to follow the social media accounts that are associated with the profile, which include Twitter/X and Discord.

Include the hashtags #Playa3ull and $3ull, tag @Playa3ullGames, and tweet about the Airdrop event that Playa3ull Games is hosting. Additionally, tag three of your friends. In addition to that, make sure that you follow @Playa3ullGames on Twitter.

In order to take part, you will need to purchase a ticket from the Diamond Store.

Please provide your Playa3ull Games Mainnet address (Metamask) and fill out the airdrop form available on the website. Once the event has begun, the form will be accessible on the website at

We will distribute the tokens over the course of three weeks, at a rate of 33 percent per individual per week, once the winners have been selected. For instance, if you win three thousand tokens, you will receive one thousand tokens per week for the next three weeks.

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